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This is a photo of my younger son, Ben Cordner.  Now I know I’m biased, but I suspect most people looking at this picture would think – well, he’s a handsome young man all right.  He looks healthy, he has an easy smile, and, you know what, he really seems happy, and comfortable in his own skin. 

And if you thought any or all of those things I reckon you are spot on. 

On 26 January 2019, at a house party organised to celebrate Australia Day, Ben suffered severe injuries as a result of a tragic accident; injuries that would take his young life before the day had ended.  This photo, indeed any photo, beautiful as it may be, cannot possibly do justice to the person Ben was; there were so many engaging elements to

his personality and character. 

This site is intended to prolong Ben’s memory for those of us who knew and loved him, and to allow those who never had the chance to meet Ben the opportunity to find out more about him.  If I have done my job properly the stories of Ben’s life, and death, that you read here may inspire you in your own lives or, at the very least, give you a new perspective. 

And of course, if I am being as honest as I want to be in creating this site as a tribute to Ben, I need to confess that

this project is also about healing myself.  Because the loss of a child is quite possibly the greatest loss a person can experience. 

So if what you read here can help you view your own children, or the other important people in your life, through fresh eyes, or if indeed it can help those of you who have suffered profound loss yourselves to see your own experience in a different, more positive light, then you will have made me a happier man – and you will hopefully be happier yourselves. 

Whatever your motivation for reading on, I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to learn about Ben.


JULY 2020

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